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Grief Support

When many of us hear the term 'grief' or 'grieving, we usually think of death.

However, grieving is best defined as a natural response to the loss of a cherished idea (dream), a person, or thing. Throughout life, we may experience many losses other than death.

Losses may include:

  • divorce

  • relocation

  • retirement

  • loss of a relationship

  • a career change

  • loss of health

  • children leaving home


You can expect respectful and empathetic support as you make your way through grief.

I have a holistic approach to how we grieve, how we can embrace where we find ourselves and create a more full and enriched life around the experiences we have had.

Work Place Supervision

In addition to my Life Coaching practice I am very happy to offer External Workplace Supervision.

Supervision with me is robust and solution focused.


Having worked in the Social Service sector in the past I know the value and the safety supervison brings to the workplace. Supervision is somewhere to create a meaningful relationship with someone who has your 'best practice' interests at heart.


Supervision enables workers to remain focused and clear in their intention to provide best practice in the workplace. I encourage you to find your own best answers which in turn benefits you, the people you support and your colleagues too.