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When you are in turmoil or overwhelm the heart and the brain wrestle constantly and this is where anxiety and depression are born. You can almost come to a standstill...weighed down by unhappiness, self judgement and strong resistance, which is fear, fear of what change might look like, if you're ever going to have a sense of self again or even how change works because you think you might fall into a black abyss and never get out again. You fight to keep your 'norm' & even though you might express you do not like living like this you do not know another way that will resolve this. Sound familiar? This is NOT living well nor is it living within a natural ebb and flow...there are no internal tools to regulate your emotions. You haven't been taught or allowed to feel the emotions that will get you to a place where you can acknowledge your experiences without trying to shut them down. You do not know how to switch from irrationality to rationality.

Fear or resistance is like the repelling force of two powerful magnets. And your fear part tries to push past your current situation, to leapfrog what your heart knows. Fear keeps you away from your authentic self. The two forces come into play, vying for a way to make sense of your life but there is no resolution, no answers, no authenticity, no self awareness and sometimes there seems like no hope. You can start to catastrophize... flight, fight or freeze comes into play and your mind & body seemingly sets out to 'save' you. Your heart is thumping, your breath is shallow, you know it will pass but your fear is there waiting for the next time so that the cycle reactivates. You do not know how to 'trust' what comes next. That if the feelings were allowed to play out then the outcome would be different. And you can wear a mask of being ok so that you appear a certain way in life all the while wondering how you are going to cope The piece of the puzzle that works is to allow the feelings in, allow what you've been resisting in. Your brain will work it's hardest to not allow this to happen and yet your heart wants you to have a different way forward. But remember this, you have your intuition to guide you, you have your internal trust to guide see you through and you have the opportunity to do this phenomenal transformational work in a safe environment. It can be like giving birth or if you've never given birth it can be what you imagine that's like. There's build up and pain but the end result is amazing (your endorphines release, your being experiences the natural rise and fall of the experience, your brain tells you that it can cope with this situation and that you will be ok) PLUS your natural state is for a type of rational calm to enter your mind, body and soul that will give you 'healing'. So if it's in this 'birth' crescendo that you stop....this is where your opposing forces come into play and your mind and body cannot sort out what to do next. Imagine holding onto that type of energy day in and day out. You become overwhelmed, anxious, depressed. So when that dam bursts do you want to be in a position of power and allow the process or do you fear once again arriving at the dark door of despair? One answer keeps you in a cycle that keeps your fear and anxiety alive or one steps you into a place of power. Take a minute to imagine the later. So the choice is can keep re-creating the cycle or you can step into the heart and allow yourself to feel what you might perceive as being 'over the other side'. Something wonderful. Once the floodgates are opened you have started to assemble a tool kit that allows you to remember what you've learned so the next time you enter a situation that makes you feel vulnerable your mind, body and soul knows what to do. You know what to do. Your cellular memory is forever changed and you step back into personal power. These are such exciting expanded times and I want you to be a part of this expanding human consciousness. Tracy x

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