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The First Ever Turning Stone Life Coaching Blog

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

Ok here’s my first blog EVER.

I’m a Life Coach, supporting amazing clients to step into transformation, to find clarity, try new things. I coach with an absolute passion for all the people I have the privilege be alongside so they are EMPOWERED & remain so.

You know as an AUTHENTIC coach I have to deal with my own negative self beliefs or fears or blocks too so that I stay clear & aligned to my own BE-ing. I sure have done plenty of self discoveries in my life time & will always continue to do so.

So getting back to the BLOG

I had an idea I’d write a BLOG. Well once I got reading about setup, joining up, starting up I got wobbly with the idea & nearly missed out on my ORIGINAL INTENTION which was to write a blog. The idea was clear but how was I going to start with all of these blocks & resistance coming up?

I love writing and have one book published. It’s called ‘Transformation is an Inside Job’ and it’s a book of original inspirational quotes that you can sit with & then just open the page & there’s a message for you right there. So that’s what a BLOG is. Writing. How hard could it be?

Did I want to sift through every ‘how to page’ or every ‘set up page’? NO. But a negative self-belief popped in that I should know everything about it before I got started, that I should learn how to do all the steps, & what the heck was wrong with me that I couldn’t follow simple instructions. Phew that load became a bit too much.

So I cleared my way by thinking who could help me with this?

I dropped the negative self talk because there was no value in that & decided on the quickest & most cost effective way for me (I place a value on my time) was to use my awesome VA & stick to the original intention or writing. Melissa just gets straight on in, reports back to me in language I can understand & away we go. She wins I win.

How many of us have an idea & don’t know how to follow that through because of fear, resistance or blocks?

How do we deal with the fear, blocks or resistance that arises?

Decide, decide, decide on what motivated you with your original idea. Believe in your intention & make it your focus & then do all that you can to assist that idea to come to life.

It might be coaching, counselling, spiritual masters, meditation, an online course, a Vision Board, talking to your friends or family, writing a list, a mind map, or some of these together to create from. Collaborate with the perspective of still fully owning your idea. Gain clarity to decide from an intuitive or gut truth and knowing & then step into the idea and be fully prepared to see & feel magic happen.

Want to know more about me?

Check out my website and on FB Turning Stone Life Coaching Tracy Kidd.

If you want to know more about the Virtual Assistant I use to help with the tech stuff, & who fully supports me to make my creations come to life then check out Melissa’s website.

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