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-Stepping into a Spacious Coaching Zone-

There’s A COACHING ZONE that allows for the deepest of connection. It comes about from co-creating a safe space for sharing & revealing. And not just in coaching either but in the space created by 2 or more for the greatest of personal learning. Where the INTENTION is set for the clearest & most meaningful of sharing.

Some people fear this space because of the depth of the sharing that can come out. Hidden truths, anguish & lost dreams, or hurts that have been stored & harboured for so long.

In this space is the absolute learning gems, dreams have an opportunity to take flight, forgiveness and love can be given time & space to soar.

I know that ‘life’s longing’ sits in here too and when that’s revealed the most wonderful of synchronicity happens. It’s an 'ALLOWING OF LIFE'S DREAMS'. And once we start to pull the ideas that sit obediently in our head into our heart an amazing flow arrives. We TAKE COMMAND of our BE-ing & start to captain our own ship. No blame or judgement of what’s gone before but rather a clean slate on a daily basis. How freeing & life changing is that?

Last week I met with an awesome new client but before we met I asked her (as I ask everybody) to set an INTENTION for what she wanted out of each coaching session. It was a truly amazing time as she looked at beliefs that no longer served her. She opened up & took notice of the words & sentences she was using. Noticing what was totally disempowering for her. A lot of 'aha' moments arrived and later she shared with me that she had revealed things that she had never told anyone else. She was courageous & willing to examine all sorts of ideas & dreams, in a super safe environment, because she has definite goals and she just was unsure how to take a step forward.

We get so held back by our past & usually by what others have told us NOT what we really know about our selves.

We are not trying to reach for the stars but rather reaching into our selves to uncover & reveal all that we know lies within. Our uniqueness & our awesomeness.

For all of you who are daring to step up and step out.

Tracy x

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