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Re-Membering -the art of reconnection


What space are you creating your life from? If it's one of drama, regret, grief, isolation or not be-ing consciously present in your life the take some time to look at your beliefs or triggers & know that at any time your life can change by merely changing your thoughts & outlook of life. I said to an awesome client last week take some time to re-member who you want to be in this life...look at the way the word is actually written down......RE-MEMBER....putting back together that which is not actually apart (but we think it is) when we feel shattered. If we can go against the haste of the day, the pressure of busyness, the lack of communication within & step away what do we hear? What do we feel? What do we begin to know about ourselves? Where do we want to align our life from? With peace, abundance, love, forgiveness, knowledge, awakening, get to choose. That is your power. Learn to trust yourself. Learn to trust your heart & gut, your higher consciousness.You can activate an energy that never leaves you or lets you down, you can go within & know without a doubt that BE-ing you is both meaningful & power-filled. And all that alone gives your Life meaning & the grace to carry on no matter what you are faced with. Sometimes we forget this but we also can 'tap' in or re-member at any time. And if you have a supporter who has the same belief of the inner Universe being an infinite source of knowledge & love then when you need that extra support they will step up to hold space for you while you settle back in to the art of re-membering. Just hold out your hand & ask. What you get & give will be amazing. Tracy x

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