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Learning the power of receiving.

What happens within you when you are given a compliment? What’s your default feeling & thought around a compliment? Is it to deflect and send the compliment back to the giver? Is it to pick holes in the idea as if that what the giver said couldn’t possibly be true? Is it also to get the ‘spotlight’ off yourself as quick as possible? Often we are too fearful or too comfortable having our ‘super awesome Self’ in the shadows. That if we stepped into ourselves we would open our selves up to judgment, ridicule or any type of fear.

When I meet with clients they generally have great ideas, or dreams or desires that they are ‘waiting in the wings’ for. Receiving doesn’t happen or alignment doesn’t happen because they maybe are waiting on somebody else or something else to make a change before they dare step forward. It doesn’t and cannot work that way. The work is ALWAYS from within. The desired changes are ALWAYS from within.

Much is said about the abundant universe…..and being in alignment for all that you desire. But if the filter to receive is covered in crap how will you ever receive? Some people have said it’s like this idea of receiving is out of reach, that somehow it’s outside of themselves or they don’t know how to tap into receiving.

These are questions I’ve asked clients heaps of times recently. They’ve stated goals and intentions, sorted through negative self beliefs but when we’ve moved into the idea of receiving (using the simple analogy of the compliment) they’ve hopped into resistance and unworthiness around this.

What if you ‘stepped into the idea’ that there is nothing at all outside of yourself. Then what would the idea of receiving look like? It would be part of that powerful you that can come into your awareness and you can tap into at anytime.

It’s not the concept of accepting that ‘everything is within us’, most people grasp that… it’s the willingness to step out from the shadows into the light that is the biggest fear.

But when people do take that step into themselves then what occurs is amazing. It’s the alignment or lining up of all that you are learning so as to tap into that which is already there. Now that’s truly inner power.

So getting back to the compliment idea…..if someone gives you a compliment how about saying thank you. No judgement. No fear. Just thank you. You do yourself….your SELF…. a service then.

In that lies gratitude, a willingness to experience receiving and an honouring of the person who is giving you the compliment.

Honestly it’s great for your mind, body and soul.

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